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Blepharoplasty and Facial Surgery Procedures

facial surgery

Getting Rid of the Tired Eyes Look with Blepharoplasty

The most noticeable aging, unfortunately, shows up on the face. In particular, aging is unmistakable around the eyes. This can be a distressing part of aging, and it can happen to people in their 30s. Fortunately, a plastic surgery procedure called Blepharoplasty can provide relief.

What Blepharoplasty Is


When there is loose skin above the eyes or sagging bags under the eyes, this form of Eyelid Surgery can help tremendously. It can be done on either the lower lids or upper or both.

As skin ages, and skin begins the aging process as early as 32 or 34 years of age, it loses its elasticity. Often this is part of the skin’s loss of collagen which keeps skin looking supple and taut. This process happens to the eyelids as well. The eyelids have such sensitive and fragile skin that the aging process is accentuated.


The plastic surgery procedure that can take care of this problem helps young and older individuals. It works by having any protruding fat or excess skin repositioned or removed by a qualified plastic surgeon.


The Procedure


First, a potential patient should find a surgeon qualified and experience to do this specific type of plastic Facial Surgery. It is important to meet with a doctor to have a full evaluation done before thinking of getting the procedure done.


In mild cases, it may be better to get a chemical or laser peel done. It might solve the problem of tired, saggy, baggy eyes. If not, the surgeon will explain how he or she will approach the problem for a particular patient. This will be determined by the surgeon taking a closer look at the individual’s skin type and texture.


Any man or woman who has healthy skin and muscles around the eyelids should be a good candidate for receiving the surgery. This is especially the case if the drooping or sagging is prominent enough.

 facial surgery

Preparing for Eyelid Procedures


Before the operation, do not take any drugs like aspirin or Motrin. Also, avoid herbal supplements. All of these could cause greater bleeding during the procedure.


The operation might involve a trans-conjunctival approach. This is where no visible incision occurs. The surgeon will tighten the lids and may need to remove any excess fat or skin.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes to two hours. A patient will likely get a local anesthesia along with some sedation.


After the operation, it will take a few more weeks before the ultimate results are noticed. The patient can expect some redness and will need to be lubricated. The surgeon will send a patient home with a special lubricating ointment. The doctor may also prescribe the patient oral medications.


Of course, this type of plastic facial surgery will not stop eyes from aging for good. That is simply not possible. However, this operation should give lasting results. In some cases, the results may last an entire life.


Thanks to blepharoplasty, the tired eyes look can be a thing of the past. Talk to a qualified plastic surgeon for more advice.


Gold Coast Breast Implants, Liposuction & Nose Jobs

The Gold Coast is a Favourite Destination for Many Seeking Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Judging by the number of plastic surgeons on the Gold Coast you might think that every second person who lives there has had a face lift or if you are on the beach on a hot day, a breast lift or breast implants.Plastic Surgeons for Breast surgery, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery

The real reason there are so many plastic surgery businesses on the Gold Coast is because of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Tourism. People come to have their procedures done on the Gold Coast where they can also at the same time take a holiday at an affordable price in one of the Coasts many luxury beach side accommodations.

Maybe it is cheaper to fly to Asia for various types of plastic surgery and there is no shortage of people doing that, but it does NOT suit everyone. There are reasons why people don’t have their plastic surgery’s done in Asia and there are many reasons that people fly in to the Gold Coast for their plastic surgery.

The standard of plastic surgery is well recognised in Australia plus there are many standards that in some peoples eyes elevate the quality of plastic surgery operations in Australia.

Typical plastic surgery operations have several days to three or more weeks recovery and for some procedures this could be longer. Resting and recuperating in the pent house of a Gold Coast hotel might be very nice.

What Types of Plastic Surgery are Most Popular

In Australia the most common plastic surgery procedures are in order of popularity:

Breast implants, breast lifts and breast reductions

Breast surgery is by far the most common. It has become fashionable for young women to have breast implants  and breast lifts for older women wanting to firm up their top half.

Liposuction which includes, tummy tucks, mini tummy tuck, body contouring and is used to some extent in a range of procedures

Liposuction is almost as popular. People all over the world are becoming over weight and combined with lack of exercise is causing us to be a bit wider, bit fatter and with a bigger bulge than say our grandparents. Liposuction (or various forms of it) are a very effective way of vacuum out the fat leaving a slimmer, smoother figure for both males and females.

Rhinoplasty and nose jobs are also up there for men and women

How many of us have looked at our nose and feel we wish it was a different shape. The shape of our nose makes a big impact on the overall look of our face. Modern nose surgery techniques and skilled surgeons make a fine art of rhinoplasty operations and can refine the look of only the slightest nose bump.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery including double eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery, while not as popular at breast, nose and liposuction is becoming more popular because it is a simple procedure which removes excess or baggy skin from under and above the eyelids producing a more youthful appearance. Either the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids or both can be done.

To find a plastic surgeon on the gold Coast or anywhere is Australia take a look at The FindPlasticSurgeon Network who will help direct you to a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon in the field you want.

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