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If You Have a Gas Bottle You Need One of These

If You Own A Gas Bottle You Will Need A Gas Cylinder Regulator

If you happen to be using a gas cylinder for the very first time, knowing how you will have to connect to a gas regulator may be confusing and risky. But there is no need to worry as there is a gas safety device that could make your family completely safe. I recommend you to use the safest devices from GASFUSE. You could learn more about their products at Also in this article, we have listed a useful guide that can assist you in connecting a variety of gas bottles.

How To Connect The Gas Regulator On Propane Gas Bottles

These types of cylinders feature a 27mm valve that can only be used with a 27mm regulator. Below are the instructions on how to use the regulator:

•Take off the plastic protective plug from the valve (female) outlet on your cylinder connection. Leave it hanging with the purpose of replacing it at a later stage.

•Check on your bullnose connection for damages.

•Now using the right sized spanner take the bullnose connection and screw it into the female cylinder valve connection. This is the stage that is of importance that you ensure that the connection on the gas bottle is very tight.

•When you want to use the gas, turn the hand wheel valve on your cylinder using an anti-clockwise direction.

How To Disconnect Your Propane Gas Bottle

•Make sure you turn the hand wheel valve off using a clockwise rotation.

•Excepting the multi-bottle installations that feature a changeover valve, make sure you turn the gas tap off when it has been fitted to any appliance. You will need to make sure the pilot lights and burner have completely gone out. If you have an installation that features a changeover valve you will only have to turn the gas bottle that is empty off.

•You should never remove the connecting nut or regulator when the bottle valve is open.

•Use a spanner in order to remove your regulator.

•You should now replace your protective plug into your valve outlet.

gasfuse gas safety


How To Connect Patio Gas Bottles

The Green patio gas bottles use 27mm valves which mean that they can only be utilized with a 27mm gas regulator that clip-on. There is no protective caps present so it becomes important to make sure that the valve at the top is kept clean and is free from dirt or debris. Your regulator should begin in the 3 o’ clock “off” position.

If your gas regulator “off” or “on” switch becomes stuck when you turn the gas-supply on, your regulator has not been connected in the correct way.

•Push your gas regulator downwards on the gas bottle valve followed by firmly pushing downwards until such stage that you hear a click that will indicate that your regulator is in place.

•When turning the gas on turning the valve in an anti-clockwise direction till it reaches the 12 o’ clock position.

•Make sure you always turn the valve to the position marked “off” after use.

Disconnecting Your Patio Gas Bottle

•Turn your regulator switch in a clockwise direction until it reaches the “off” position.

•Press on the “push” button and carefully lift off the regulator.

Use Of Computers In The Automotive Business

computers automotive business

Use of computers in business automotive

How automotive manufacturing plants work calls for the use of devices that are powerful enough to meet all business process requirements while effectively addressing the need for flexible manufacturing practices. Today’s modern industry standards require that or are looking to see one automotive manufacturing plant performing the task of creating multiple cars in various variations. The use of powerful industrial computers has made it easier for automotive businesses to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of this manufacturing sector. Here are some of the advantages industrial computers used in the automotive industry are presenting to businesses.

More Streamlined Manufacturing

Industrial computers used in the automotive industry have allowed and continue to allow industry leader to exercise an unprecedented level of control over the overall manufacturing process. The way cars are manufactured today has advanced, and cars are no longer made on traditional assembly lines but are manufactured on streamlined fabrication processes that extensively rely on industrial computers. These computers link different processes like design, inventory control, analysis functions, and distribution together. Each of these distinct functions can easily be accessed through the computing devices, which link different critical functions taking place on the factory floor. The great thing is that users can easily access all of these functions on one device, simplifying process control and operations monitoring tasks.

Improved Working Conditions

Working conditions in automotive manufacturing plants have considerably changed since industrial computing devices came into the picture. Before, these plants were generally viewed as less-than-ideal working environments. The working conditions associated with manufacturing plants back then were quite undesirable and were often mired by hard labor and filthy factory floors. However, the model of messy automotive manufacturing plants has long gone into obsolescence. Today’s vehicle manufacturing plants feature more streamlined work processes, and this is thanks to the integration of industrial computers into the work process. Today, most labor intensive tasks are performed by these devices. With robotic arms being linked to assembly tasks and industrial computing devices, fabrication tasks are being executed in a more methodical manner.

computers automotive business

Increased Safety Levels And Productivity

Productivity and output levels in automotive manufacturing plants have considerably increased with the integration of industrial computing devices into these plants. Modern assembly plants use robots and computers to handle the more labor intensive tasks of the manufacturing process; lowering the limitations that are associated with traditional assembly lines. Today’s car manufacturing plants are considerably safer than those of yesteryears. At the same time, modern plants no longer require as many people on the floor to assemble vehicles. With these industrial computers handling most assembly tasks, manufacturing plants are now safer to work in and around. Moreover, by using computers to modernize the fabrication process, automotive manufacturing companies have been able to enjoy exponential growth when it comes to productivity.

The above are some of the many benefits computers are presenting to the automotive business. As you can see by now, any modern automotive business looking to be more profitable needs to consider computerizing its processes if it is to be more productive and efficient.

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